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After 3 days of working on this website on-and-off, I have finally managed to get it in a semi-usable, semi-navigable state. I'm definitely going to be making changes with time, but for now I am satisfied with the current design. Extremely minimalistic but still functional and decent-looking, what more could I ask for?

I never thought before that I'd make my own website, it's something I haven't even considered until one week ago. However, since it's free thanks to Neocities existing, I figured - what the hell, why not do it and start a blog/informational combo website? Writing is helpful for me since it allows me to unwind and avoid bottling up my feelings, and it could also turn out to be helpful for some people who read my shit. I'm not some genius all-knowing shaman, but I feel like I have some decent stuff to share that could end up helping some people in the long run.

I chose Neocities instead of something like Blogspot or Wordpress because in this way, I have complete control of my website and am not contributing to a monopoly. Plus, it feels extremely satisfying to create a website from scratch.

Heh, seems like I got to the end of my first ever blog spot. It feels nice. I'll finish this post with a quote by the great Roman philosopher Seneca, a quote that means a lot to me.

"“Truth strengthens itself with light and time, while lies do it with hurry and mystery.”