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Hello, hello, welcome to this obscure corner of the internet. I'm Defort and, as you might have already guessed, this is my website. I use this website for writing my thoughts on certain aspects of life and happenings in the world, articles with what I consider to be useful advice (usually related to privacy) and other miscellaneous things. I don't write about internet privacy measures from a purely technological standpoint as there are other much more knowledgeable authors who have written a lot on the subject already; instead, I tackle the subject from a mainly behavioral standpoint, focusing on the human element while referring to technical details only when necessary. I believe that before mastering the technical part of maintaining one's privacy, it is imperative to master oneself first - human error is, more often than not, the main cause of privacy breaches.

I use the articles section of the website for my pieces of writing with an informational purpose and the blog part of my website for, well, my blogging needs. I doubt anyone will pay much attention to this website, but I figured I could do with a creative outlet for whenever I have sudden bouts of inspiration.

The website is kind of bare-bones at the moment so please keep that in mind - I started it in September of last year but haven't bothered to write much on it until now.

Site last updated on: 2/26/2022

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